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Magura is dropping a new dropper post with electronic activation! Learn more at




Ride with 100% safety and efficiency, at the touch of a button. No wires, and made in Europe.

Dropper seat posts are now all but essential for Enduro and All-Mountain riders. They guarantee more fun and more safety on technical trails by letting you set your saddle height to suit the riding conditions –instantaneously, at flip of your finger. And when you’re through the key technical section and cranking for more, setting your saddle back to its perfect height at the touch of a button means you will be working at optimal pedalling efficiency.

The new Vyron eLECT adds significant extra functionality and user-friendliness with its MAGURA-exclusive wireless remote operation. With a quick button press on the handlebar remote you can drop the saddle height smoothly by up to 150 mm – then another button press returns it to its optimal position for pedalling.
The Vyron uses the MAGURA eLECT Remote with ANT+ wireless technology. The same remote is already used on MAGURA suspension forks and shocks – so it’s technology which has been proven time and again over the toughest courses of the XC racing circuit.

You can mount the eLECT Remote on the left or right of the handlebars as you prefer, and it places the operating buttons right by the grip for instinctive on-trail operation and maximum ergonomic efficiency. If you also have a MAGURA suspension fork and/or shock unit with eLECT functions on your bike, you can choose what you prefer: one eLECT remote for the VYRON and another for forks and/or shock(s) – or you can use all three buttons on a single remote to control every aspect: full bike control at the touch of a button.
Seat post clamping is hydraulic and rock-solid, using the legendary MAGURA Royal Blood fluid for a practically maintenance-free system – and if it is ever necessary, bleeding the Vyron’s hydraulic system is remarkably easy.

Own more than one bike? It’s easy to move the Vyron between bikes thanks to the wireless system – so no cables or hydraulic tubes to manage – and you need no tools, either. Plug and play. As a bonus, this also makes removing the Vyron system to prevent theft quick and easy.

The seat post’s rechargeable battery needs topping up only after around 400 actuations, typically around two months’ use. A motion sensor in the seat post puts it into sleep mode to save battery power when the bike is not being moved, and MAGURA’s engineers have ensured that even if the battery in the remote or the main rechargeable pack in the seat post are almost empty, you still have up to 20 emergency actuations available via the buttons on the seat post itself to get you home. Back at civilisation, you can recharge from empty in around 3 hours via the micro USB port.
The Vyron will be available from November 2015 in two popular diameters (30.9 mm and 31.6 mm). Recommended retail price will be € 400.

Technical details

  • Adjustment via air spring, hydraulic clamping via MAGURA Royal Blood
  • Remote operation: ANT+ wireless radio transmission from the handlebar – via an eLECT Remote, either just for the dropper seat post or as a combined remote for seat post, forks and/or shock.
  • Power supply: Remote: CR-2032 button battery. Seat post: NiMH rechargeable battery with micro USB charge socket. Charge time approx. 3 hours. A full charge is sufficient for around 400 actuations of the dropper, or around two months.
  • Travel: 150 mm (stepless)
  • Length (overall): 446 mm
  • Installation height (top of seat tube to saddle rails): 57-207 mm
  • Saddle clamp: 2 bolt system
  • Seat post offset: 0 mm
  • Weight: just 595 g including remote
  • Diameters available: 30.9 and 31.6 mm
  • Colour: Black with laser markings

Made in Germany.

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