Strava Data Is Not Always As It Appears

stravalogo (Large)Strava users: Too funny; I randomly found this blog post from Ben Lowe of Veloviewer while searching for a way to get the average speed on a portion of my ride without creating a segment (I didn’t find it). So I’m reading through the article and see the segment it’s referring to and I’m number 5 of the the thousands attempting it! But weird I think because I’m not on the current list.

Well, there are so many questions this raises but it turns out I my ride was flagged, and probably correctly so. But this is also points to a major reason I reckon sub 30sec segments are meaningless. Though I’m not sure my whole ride should be flagged.

Anyway, who cares? I was interested to see you could look up actual distance traveled when you get your sement so why doesn’t strava adjust to this? There would be some major KOM changes. As it is right now I haven’t figured out how you find that distance data, but I have seen many segments over the years that visually look short as the article describes.

I’d like to find what other rides I’ve done that have been flagged, as finding this was a total fluke!
One time I got a major KOM in London when I came over a bridge at full speed and sucked in behind a bus! No motor, no motor pacing. It was a double decker in my path in London. Fair Play!

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