Running on Ice – Some Ideas from Runner’s World – “Gaining Traction”

There were just a couple of slippery sections on the run this morning but it’s enough to wig me out! Here’s some ideas from Runner’s World. I really dig the concept of Ice Bug’s Heros with tread designed for an optional ice grip accessory. They don’t seem to be making them anymore but Icebug still have many options for the ice runner.

If you’re running in winter conditions all this all the time I reckon the ice spike screws look really cool and you can sacrifice an old pair of your own. There’s a lot of purpose built shoes and add-ons depending on your needs, plus there’s more cheap portable accessories you can throw on when needed (via Amazon and the web). This article is from 2013 so no doubt there even more options out there now.

Whether they slip over your regular shoes, screw into the sole of your shoe, or come attached to a winter running shoe, traction devices allow you to enjoy outdoor running all winter long by providing sure-footedness on slick surfaces. We tested a variety of options on snow, ice, rocks, pavement, and surfaces with mixed conditions, and here’s what we have to say.

Source: Gaining Traction

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