Linka Lock – Bluetooth Commuter Frame Lock

I really love  the new products coming out and the Linka Lock is one of them. Linka takes an old style simple frame lock, automates it and gives it bluetooth operating and tracking powers! The idea of your bike automatically unlocking as you approach is exactly what I’m after for my bike commuting!

Warning; even though Linka ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to get started there’s no real way of knowing whether a company will succeed in the long run. There’s a number of new locks and bike security ideas out now, many that we’ll be featuring on the site as the ideas are so engaging. We can only hope for their long term success.

Personally I hate the idea of locks in general (except for safety) so anything that makes a lock unobtrusive and seamless with the riding seems like a good idea to me. I hope to soon purchase a Linka Lock myself to use on my commuter chopper.


Linka4 Linka5 Linka6 linka1 Linka3

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