How To Mountain Bike Faster: Two Vital Training Rides

Mountain Bike Faster With These Two Vital Training Rides

Step 1.  Hills!          

Step 2.  Mountain Bike Road Rides!

Ho To Mountain Bike Faster
How To Mountain Bike Faster

There are two no-so-secret secrets that will help you mountain bike faster. Obviously learning to ride trails and your fundamental skills are essential, and no doubt you are working on these every time you hit the parks. These rides though are about how you can effectively get faster overall , whether you’re into XC racing or Ultra Marathons, Enduros, and even DH, and no matter what level you ride. These two fundamental training rides will help you obtain the most substantial gains you can possibly make.

  1. Hill Climbs! The greatest gains you can make on your bike are training for hill climbs. Unless you only race on the Salt Flats of Utah, you will see hills in race, and nine times out of ten the first riders across the finish line are the ones that ride the hills the fastest and most efficiently. Yes crazy abilities descending and in singletrack are also be a huge benefit, but the time you gain going uphill will have the greatest impact on your riding
    • So what hills? All hills! Do any and every hill you can find. Devote one training day a week, if not two, to riding hills. Start with your worst hill; one you hate the most! Maybe it’s long, maybe it’s steep, maybe it’s technical or maybe it’s just plain boring. Go to that most challenging hill and ride up it. When you get to the top, turn around, go back down, and ride it again! When you get back to the top, rinse and repeat! Do that hill 5 times! Do that hill 10 times. And do every other hill you can find in your area. Do dirt climbs, technical climbs, gravel climbs, and road climbs. Do them all, and repeat the ones that you hate the most! Do them every which way to shake up your workout. Do one standing, one sitting, one sprinting, one spinning in an easy gear, one lugging in a heavy gear. Whatever floats your boat, just dedicate one ride per week to pure hill climbs!
    • Not only will you become a much better hill climber physically, but mentally as well. Do this for just 4 weeks in a row and you’ll find yourself at a daunting climb in a race feeling wonderfully less intimidated! You may even start looking forward to smashing it on the climb!
    • There’s also an added benefit that whatever hill you climb you can descend, it’s it’s a great opportunity too to work on all types of descents while also working on all types of climbs.
  2. Mountain Bike Road Rides! The next thing you need to do is get out there and learn to ride faster on your mountain bike. If you’ve got a dirt or rivertrail where you can get a flat out workout, that’s what we call a “road ride on dirt”. Do it, go fast, go 18mph, go 20mph, and stay there for a long time. Better yet, go out on your local road ride with your local asphalt cookers and do that ride you’ve always done but do it with your mountain bike! Tell your buddies your road bike broke! Yeah, you’re going to have trouble keeping up. Yeah you’re going to peeve the jockeys off. But do it!
    • It’s all about learning maintain top speed on the MTB, in the MTB geometry and position.
    • It’s about learning new positions to go fast.
    • It’s about realizing how fast you can actually go on a mountain bike!
    • It’s about handling your bike at high speed.

If you do just two rides a week, make sure one is a hill climb ride, and one is an mountain bike road ride. Of course try to throw in some trail in there too! But doing these two rides will help you realize the biggest benefit to your riding speed and results at the races. You really don’t need much more!




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