Coaching Plans

HillybillyJesseThough MTB focused I’m happy to help anyone with their coaching needs. I have a unique perspective having been at the back of the pack for a decade before I made the changes needed to get healthier and faster. Biking and sports are first and foremost a wonderful way to benefit mind and body. It’s important to enjoy what you’re doing and to focus your efforts toward a healthy and happy future. Racing and competing are often part of that and are great ways to challenge and test yourself. Whether or not you race and compete, I’m happy to help you move forward.

I’m a USA Cycling Level 3 Coach and spent a few decades as a swimmer, runner, and mountain biker. As a coach I’m also a student; I’m continuing learning about all aspects of training from methods to nutrition to strength training. I learn as much from my athletes as they learn from me.

My primary role as a coach is to be in your corner helping you to realize your goals with the strategy and training to get you there. Often athletes are busy and faced with issues of weather, bike maintenance, family and career, so it can be complicated to plan to a set pattern.  So along with step by step plans we can remain flexible and adaptable, keeping up communication, and motivating you to keep improving according your schedule and needs.

Coaching Plans

Free Plan

With the logistical expenses it’s not always feasible to hire a coach. So a great place to start is just following our “Faster MTB – In A Nutshell” article, and combining it with the upcoming article on the ‘mini’ workouts and cross training that will soon be published.  We’ll also shortly turn these two features into a basic plan that you can download to your calendar, which you can edit to fit your schedule. If you have questions or need some direct help and recommendations, please use the contact page or try the Live Video Chat and we’ll do our best to help you get started.

$75/Month Plan

  • Full Evaluation
  • Detailed Training Plan
  • Training Peaks Account
  • One consultation per week in person or via video

Bonus for one-year paid in advance.

  • Free Basic MTB Fitting

$200/Month Plan

  • All the above plus
  • Nutrition guidance
  • 2 consultations per week in person or via video
  • unlimited email/messenger access
  • 1hr ridealong per month with me or other pro rider.

Bonus for one-year paid in advance.

  • Free Basic MTB Fitting
  • Free Road Bike Fitting

$500/Month Plan

  • All the above plus
  • No limit on consultation
  • 2 hours ride-along with pro rider per month
  • 1 hour one-on-one with a skills instructor

Bonus for one-year paid in advance.

  • Free full MTB Fitting
  • Free Basic Road Bike Fitting
  • 2x/year Consultation with Nutritionist

“Live The Dream” Plan!

This plan is like no other! This is the ultimate way to live, eat, train, be the coaches assistant, and race with a pro MTB racer and coach full time!  When I’m home and traveling in the Van/RV you get a place to stay and you essentially live my life, whether it be in London, Philly, California, or wherever. You’re responsible for any additional travel expenses, bike shipping, and board. But if you sign up for this plan there’ll be a lot of resources to take advantage of! Many people have told me that what I did last year was “living the dream”. Now’s your chance to live the dream too! Short and longer term options available. Please contact for cost and details.

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